Sunday, January 18, 2009

This Week at BACC

• Youth Meeting tonight at 6 pm in the Fellowship Room.

• Women's Ministry will be holding a meeting on Tuesday evening at 7 pm in the Fellowship Room. The hostess will be Wendy McDaniel and decorations by Mily Shluter. All women are welcome.

• Adult Bible Study will be held at the church building at 7:00 pm on Thursday evening. This study is open to the public.

• BACC's next Carry-in Dinner is to be held next Sunday, January 25th, after the morning worship. Bring a dish or two to pass if possible. All are welcome.

• Results of last Sunday's Annual Congregational Meeting are available. Gene Kerby and Jim Love were confirmed as elders for another term. Kevin Kinnan will be serving his first term as an elder. Ron Meis continues to serve his term as an elder for one more year. Voting for a new deacon was postponed due to an absence. Deacons that continue to serve the congregation include Gerald Gorte, Darrell Kinnan, and Tim Quick. The budget for 2009 was approved by the congregation as well.